Freitag, 1. September 2017

Foxeer Box 4k Action camera review - watch this before you buy a Gopro Session!!!

If you search a really good DICE style actioncam (like the Gopro Session5) but dont want to spend over 300$ then consider this "BOX" from foxeer. and their shop: (NO AFFILATE Link)

Video jumpmarks:
01:24 Comparison Box vs Legend3, sample shots, quality
04:02 closer look at the box
04:08 angled mount for copter
06:11 Runcam3 vs Box? Sample flights
09:20 1080p50 Supervision mode (superview)
10:08 2.5k50 (my fav mode)
11:03 2.5k50 stabilized and modified in post
11:33 Downsides? Batterylife, chargetime
12:22 access settings only with Wifi app...
13:24 Upgrade from Legend3 to BOX?

Tech specs:
CPU: Ambarella A12
Sensor: Sony IMX 117
Lens: 155° FOV

Recording Time:
56min with 2.5k50fps
54min with 1080p60 (in a second test)

Charging Time: 2h:17!    on a good USB charger (2amps available per slot)

USB/Servo cable for liveout: the red/black part (power) MUST be 5Volts according to Foxeer!
Dont power/charge your cam with 12 or more volts directly off your flight battery!

4k25/30 (~60mbit)
2.5k50  (~41MBit)
1080p50 (~34MBit)

Samples (NOT recoded, just split the file - with MKV Tool)
Files around 140-260mb, please download them from there and view locally - DONT view the Preview there (that is recoded by google).

High Hopes - Johan Borjesson
Furious 3 - Niklas Gustavsson

Donnerstag, 24. August 2017

Fixedwing dives and cloudsurfing at the same time!

These were some "once in a lifetime" conditions! Not too much winds, enough time and FPV gear working flawless (almost). Had a cloudbase just above the ridge of my favourite wall so I could cloudsurf and mountaindive at the same time. FPV doesnt get much better than this I think!

Freitag, 11. August 2017

SJCam SJ7 Star - true 4K! compared with Yi4k and Foxeer Legend 3

Product Link (+TECH Details!):   ►PLEASE SUBSCRIBE
►lots of sample pics

My thoughts / findings:
+ Dimensions match Gopro3/4
+ high buildquality (alu frame)
+- touchscreen nice, but handling not as responsive as smartphone (or Yi4k)
+ touchscreen AND buttons
- charge LED not very visible
- charge with USB MINI (like Gopro3/4) USB micro would be more common?
- scaling down of fast FPS looks terrible
- medium and narrow FOV on 4k makes no sense! should be left out since it produces ugly quality...

Yi4k: lesser distortion, looks "nicer" to the eye - but in 100% crops the image looks less detailed than on the other two cams!
Legend3 has more wideangle than SJ7star, else similar sharpness and details, but "vignetting" on the edges. FL3 has NO! purple fringing!
If you dont have to zoom in (for example film in 4k and then take a 1080p crop) the Yi4k still looks better.
Zooming around in a 4k timelaps on the SJ7star is really nice - lots of details and reserves to zoom...

Batterytime comparison (all 4k 25fps):
Yi4k: 93min
SJ7:  65min
FL3:  53min

Freitag, 4. August 2017

TechOne FPV900: great FAST WING (Review, Maidenflight, FPV, Speedtest and CRASH)

get it at Banggood

After I found my passion for FIXEDWING FPV again this summer, I wanted sommething faster and more stable than the S800 Wing. Here I like the easy build and the center-section concept (even if it's copied from someone else...).
You have plenty of space and possibilities on this wing, the HD Cam is mounted vibration-free (but it's a tight fit - for larger cams you need to saw off the side carbon parts there).
The FPV Cam is mounted quite safe down there.

The flight footage here was partly stabilized in post - since I dont like all too shakey footage. I only use light stabilization - but if it's not dead calm, such a wing will shake. It will also shake under full throttle :)

Wingspan: 900mm
Fuselage length: 308mm
Flying weight: 630-670g
CG Position: 185-195mm (nicely marked!)
Motor: F80 KV2500
Servo: 11g*2
Battery: 4S 1500-2200mah
Prop: 5*5*3R
Flighttimes: 5min speedruns with 1500mah 4cell - or 10mins cruising at around 50-70kph...

Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

MiniTalon: from Maidencrash to epic FPV Adventure

Here in this video you'll see my experience over the last 2 weeks:
from maidencrash, luckily I announced it that way before launch so nobody was surprised, to successfull FPV mission!
I got this kit for around 50$ (banggood) LAST YEAR after the flights with my XUAV One  (the one with the folding prop AROUND it's tail-rod). The One was just not a good flyer, gears around this pusher are weak...
Then I read only good things about this easy, proper flying Mini Talon. It's a shame that I didnt build this earlier! Had to put aside my quads a little for this :)

►Main features:
- BIG SPACE for things like Autopilot and FPV equipment
- good speedrange (~35 to 140kph)
- easy build (really easy)
- long flighttimes (you can use 5.000 to 10.000mah 4cells) I get really safe 25mins or 20km travel with around 3.000mah used

►►►Important tips (also seen in video):
- CG is 55mm from leading edge of wing (not 76mm like manual says!)
- throw it horizontally not at an up-angle, give it a nice toss, dont use full throttle (torque left!), check this video guide to see how it's launched
- secure the main battery (it WILL affect your CG if it can "roam around" in your fuselage :)
- create some motor air vents in the back - my motor got really hot (ok it's summer here)

FOXEER Legend 3:  TVOUT warning
ATTENTION: DO NOT ONLY POWER IT FROM EXTERNAL SOURCE - with small variations in current the cam will reboot, a fat screen will ask for movie recovery - TVOUT is blocked!
With it's battery in I had 4 long flights now without issue - cam is always charged. Maybe I will move on to dedicated FPV cam...

Mini Talon: Airframe
Motor: Turnigy D3536/5 1450KV
ESC: TURNIGY Plush 60amp W/BEC
Prop: 9.5x7.5
4x 9gr Metal Gear servos, maybe servo extension cables
~5200mah 4cell battery  (I have to move this all the way into the front nose for proper CG)
Arkbird AP/OSD
ImmersionRC 5.8 VTX 

filmed with:
Panasonic GX8 + R0de VideoMicro
Samsung Galaxy S7

Flight footage filmed with: Foxeer Legend3

Peter Sandberg - Astonish
Kevin McLeod - Darxieland

Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

Foxeer Legend3 TVOUT and Latency compared to Runcam2 and 3

You wanted to know how the legend 3 looks if used as FPV cam (tv out). I installed it on my new FPV plane (MiniTalon) but before this I tested the latency against Runcam2 and 3.
While the latency of the Legend3 isnt legendary, the imagequality IS! The stabilizer didnt work great for me - better leave it turned off if you use the liveout.
DONT use the cam WITHOUT battery (if you power it from your plane). While this will save some weight, it can lead to disaster!

Jump into the area of interest for you with these jumpmarks (clickable on youtube!):
00:16 Legend3 Latency PAL
01:19 L3 in NTSC faster!
02:12 L3 stabilization - more lag?
03:10 L3 with 4k mode
04:33 L3 Liveout quality

06:02 Runcam2 Lantecy
06:47 Runcam3 Latency
07:18 Legend3 - final thoughts
08:29 IMPORTANT - USE the BATTERY even with external power!

10:58 L3 Stabilization ON 1080p50
11:15 L3 Stabilization OFF 2.5k50
11:32 L3 Stabilization OFF 2.5k50 VEGAS software stabilization on

Montag, 3. Juli 2017

Runcam Eagle 2: great picture, latency lower! thoughts, testflights, DVR footage

I took a closer look at the claimed better latency here. Check my new method - I like how it visualizes the time-delay...
The cam is really good. Image is one of the best currently available, only the missing OSD Volt option is a small downside.
At the end you'll find a comparison with different cams - check my VIDEO INDEX:
02:12 latency Eagle2
04:14 Eagle1 compared (how much fast is Eagle2?)
07:34 Swift Mini Latency
09:05 SUMMIT (about Eagle2)
09:46 Runcam Split Latency, Split thoughts
11:53 Eagle 2 Downsides no OSD
12:33 Eagle 2 positive: very nice imagequality!
14:25 even MORE FOOTAGE ( MINI Swift, HS1177, EAGLE1 and 2, Foxeer MONSTER V2
16:22 Runcam SPLIT DVR Footage (some of you asked!)

FPV Cam comparisong (Xlsx sheet)
LATENCY method
the Runcam SPLIT Reveiw

Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2017

Fixedwing Dives in the mountains! (S800 Sky Shadow)

Perfect (almost) FPV morning! Had 4 flights and 4 controlled landings - what more can you expect? :)
Going up that peak was scary - diving it down (the goal for this morning) even more so. But very rewarding. The relaxing proximity flying over the trees was good to "come down" a bit. Hope you like it!

(I know it's shakey - this wing is probbably too small, I used some stabilization in post - but not too much to avoid that weird effect)

Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

S800 sky shadow - or HOW I FELL FOR WINGS AGAIN...

After my review of this Wing I only did a maidenflight and got back to quadcopters soon. They are easier...
But now I wanted more flighttime, range and some of that FPV adventures I had back when I flew FPV planes.
I changed most electronics in this kit.
So if you're interested: get the foamparts only (50$) at banggood and forget this stabilizer, or the cheap cam/VTX they sell in the full kit. The motor seems ok, the ESC is terrible as well...

After these flights here I even installed my Arkbird Autopilot/OSD for more advanced missions - but that's another story (to be seen here soon). I also did some amazing dives with it - stay tuned!

Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Runcam SPLIT: FLIGHT Footage, Jello, Mounts, weight savings!

Tech Specs: (similar to the Runcam3!)
Weight 23g.
1080p60 + Low latency FPV + WDR
$69.99  (+5$ for Wifi option)
no wide voltage, only 5V!

More findings:
Transfer speed over USB: ~ 15mb/sek
so a typical 5min flight will generate little over 1GB means ~ 1.5mins.
Not optimal - ok if you have to place the board inside inaccessible (USB needs to be accessible of course!)

Jello: with that small lens module jello (vibration "waves" in the video) will be picked up easier since the low mass is moved by vibrations easier as if you would have a bigger mass (like a heavy HD cam).
I tried different mounts, only after I swapped that one really bad prop it was ok. I didnt see this vibrations with that faulty prop on my gopro style SJCam 5000x before!

Downlink video is fine to fly - latency low enough for my taste!

My Vortex 250 is now 83gr lighter (from 532 to 449gr) - this is a lot on such a copter and effects it's flight characteristics and efficiency! It's really "floaty" now and should give me longer flighttimes. Combined with endurance motors/props and larger motorarms this could be a really good longrange setup!