Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

DJI Mavic - best Aerial Video shots I've captured so far!

I ordered my DJI Mavic from (buy it there to support this great shop!). Got it early Nov and wanted to take my time with it and do nice and smooth shots. I was surprised how easy this is with this tiny, foldable 4k drone.

Flight footage filmed with: DJI Mavic Pro most shots in 4k/25, later scenes at the end in 2.7k/25

I will do a full review also - but there are so many out there yet - I dont think many questions are left to answer :) Comments on what to include in my review are WELCOME!!!
In the meantime you can read my article on the Mavic on this Blog (scroll down).

August Wilhelmsson - Epic Panorama 02
(what an awesome source of epic score!)

Montag, 28. November 2016

DJI Mavic

DJI did a really good job on marketing this one! Never did I see so many of the big youtubers show you a drone with full excitement. What's left to say? I won't show you all the features again - you've probbably seen most of it yet. Instead I will give you my opinion to it:

I bought this drone, didnt get it from DJI but ordered it via This is my trusted shop (I ordered my firest FPV set back in 2008 at this shop). I have a lot of drones - the Mavic makes most of them obsolete now! I started with the Tricopter in 2011, got the TBS Discovery with DJI Naza in 2012 (which was my first GPS position hold, return home platform back then!). Later got into AP ships with brushless gimbals (DJI Phantom2, Black Snapper, Xugong). I still fly the Phantom 2 from time to time - but a 2axis gimbal just doesnt look good anymore :) Tried the Inspire1 and the Phantom4 when I had the chance to - but after the first playing around with it I didnt actually buy one (cause I had so many similar drones already).
Now since I skipped P3 and P4 I thought it was time to get this really tiny, backpack friendly, worry free drone. It's ready for flying in 2-3mins and has so many functions built in - a few years ago you would have needed a whole trunk full of expensive FPV gear to yield the same results (if possible at all).

What I love about this one:

  • very easy to handle
  • small, compact, backpack firendly is a joke here - this one get's lost in your backpack :)
  • super cam quality (best in this size cat) you can print stills to large format and even can take RAW pics!
  • great range / video transmission
    You just have a smooth 720p image, without intereference, without the permanent fear of flying blind suddenly. you can switch to 1080p live video - but then the recorded video is also 1080p.
    I even flew it from inside my car to a nice distance (more then enough) without even loosing signal or stuttering video!
  • flighttimes - 20mins for sure - which is really more than you need normally!
  • very well designed remote controller
  • bright display (ok this is rather depending on your phone - I have the Galaxy S7 which is very bright)
  • DJI Go app: great functions!

    highlight: it records downlink video in great quality directly on your phone as well (ok that's not new with the mavic). Also records all flight data in a log file! so you can even replay the GPS data and see how you flew, where, what happend, how you moved the sticks... really great log functions (cool for a statistics nerd like me).
  • easy to catch with the hand (carefully though!) - landing in grass or dust is not optimal. Having to use a landing pad would also kill some of the ultra portability...
  • silent, doesnt draw a lot of attention on you

some problems I found:

  • DISCONNECT problem
    this is maybe the biggest issue I had, but maybe they already fixed it (not happend again yet):
    what happend? on a flight, the app went into black/white and said it's disconnected. Restarting the app didnt help. While this happend my Mavic was far away, I was blind. But I could use the remote still. So I pressed the RTH button and luckily it came back reliable!
    things I do now to prevent this:
    - close all apps on the phone before using DJI Go app
    - have it in airplane mode
    - try to run it with as much phone battery as possible
    also got 2 DJI go app updates since then, and on 7.Nov. they published a new mavic firmware - INSTALL this asap!
  • sometimes cam/gimbal does shake (on sudden change of flight direction - so go smooth!)
    regarding smooth: there are some guidlines out yet, how to finetune the YAW endpoints, YAW expo and also smoothing out the gimbal movements - this all helps to get much smoother shots. Best yet I find it to just fly straight "like on rails or a cable cam" and let this impress your viewers - stunningly smooth and crips clear 4k footage!
  • gimbal looks very fragile! It hangs on weak rubber (for vibration dampening) and if not protected with the plastic part for locking the gimbal - the cam shakes a lot - so DONT transport it without this plastic protection!
  • obstacle avoidance can get irritated by sunlight or fog as well - if this happens - SWITCH to sport mode and be able to come home thru these invisible obstacles that your drone wants to avoid :)
  • in higher winds normal GPS mode is to slow - also switch to Sport mode to fight the headwinds!
    NEVER fly too far away with tailwind - you might underestimate the distance and power needed to come back against a strong wind. This might lead to an unplanned landing far away from you (in worst case you're flying home over the water against wind!)
  • GPS / compass error if you want to start from the roof of your car
  • DJI Go app: IOS has better language support (german available), Android version has NO german language...

Advice "fly more!":
I bought the "fly more" package - you should too!
When you buy the normal package - you will end up ordering a 2nd maybe 3rd battery soon after (because only one batt is never good).
If you buy 2 batteries seperatly - this is almost the same price than the "fly more" pack!
(and this pack includes also: the car charger, the 4x serial charging hub, the nice carrying case, powerbank adapter, props).

Of course you also should do enough training flights with the drone on safe grounds (large field) before you start taking it with you and fly anywhere (which isnt strictly legal in most countries btw).

Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Best DIVE ever #164 | Vortex250 in the mountains

Flying close proximity to awesome rock formations is one of the best things you can do with these quads! I flew here already - check back in time if you wanna see the progress in equipment.
Who knows which famous youtuber I stole the title from?
(this was really the 164 flight with the vortex, ok - not all of them were dives :)

Donnerstag, 29. September 2016

Guess the Gear (of this nice sunset flights)

Really nice, relaxing evening flight into the sunset. This time I let you guess which copter(s) I've used here, and which cams. Guess it in the comments but - SPOILER ALERT - the stuff is revealed at the end (shortly after I land).  ►SUBSCRIBE
This was all within one hour or so on my standard flightgrounds which is not too far to drive after work (sunlight is getting rare already here!).

Flight footage filmed with: guess it this time :)  (posted at the end of the video)

Troubling - Daniel Kadawatha

Sonntag, 18. September 2016

Will I get to the top? (Mountain Dives with Vortex250)

Fly with me on this commented FPV adventure up to the big wall to dive it down fast. I tried to capture my emotions while flying with the ambient mic. Still not 100% confident about my radio link this is why the flight was so exciting for me. Video worked fine though.

Disclaimer: I've never flown higher than 150m AGL since I did stick close to the wall.

►►find infos on all my copters here in my Hangar:

Flight footage filmed with: SJCam SJ5000x Elite
FPV Cam: Runcam Owl+

Dienstag, 30. August 2016

SJCam M20 is much smaller than it looks! Review / Comparison to SJ5000xElite) | RCSchim

I had the M10+ last year and loved the small formfactor. It was a competitor to the Gopro Session (which has no removable battery, no display). Now they released this next tiny, kind of dice formfactor HD cam which is similar to the great SJ5000x elite I also tested.

For the size, weight, price - you wont find many cams performing so well!
From the pictures you cannot get a good impression how small and lightweight this cam is! This amazed me once I first had it in my hands.
The unusual formfactor makes it a bit harder to mount on your standard gopro mount on a minicopter - I have to figure out a way. I dont wanna use the hardcase (weight) or the clampcase...
I will have to see how I like the slightly lesser wideangle here - but it should be ok.

TIP: Firmware: 1.2.6 (improves Batterylife)

Tech Specs
Chip: NTK96655 (same as 5000x elite)
Sensor: Sony IMX206 (16 Mega Pixel 4608*3456)

►Video Features
4K @ 24fps (2880*2160) ►►interpolated (aka Fake 4k)
2K @ 30fps (2560 x 1440)
1080 FHD 1920*1080 @ 60fps
720P1280*720 120/60/30fps
WVGA 848*480 240, VGA 640*480
Time Lapse Video, Time Lapse Photo
Playback, Motion Detection, Loop Record
Supports SJ-Remote (radio remote control, in a watch or on a selfie stick)
Built in 1.0″ LCD, 6 * Zoom
Storage up to 32GB (up to 128GB with selected cards)
900mHA Battery

Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

Epic Drone Dives in Italy (Vortex250 in Sella Region)

On our trip around the spectacular mountains in the Dolomites in northern Italy (Alto Adige / Südtirol) I found so many very appealing spots but this one was perfect. Very accessible, spectacular vertical cliff with around 350m of height (1000ft) - and even a nice table and bench there!

► Link to Google Streetview of that spot

Flew 4 packs there, the 2nd would have almost been the last of this quad! Because the video cable of the FPV cam was loose - I suddenly flew blind (see it in the end of the video). Luckily I turned around on the first signs of video loss (only 50m away) and I was also fast enough in switching to LEVEL mode - so I could fly it home safe LOS.
After I found the problem I definitly wanted to fly there more, but of course I had even higher pulse now and wasnt too much in the mood for extra stunts up there (like backflips to enter a dive)...

Hope you liked it as much as I while flying, I definitly will keep diving since this is the most fun I have with these quads. A combo of freestyle flying and diving fast in awesome scenery - that's what you should expect here on my channel :)

Dienstag, 9. August 2016

H8mini: Tiny Whoop alternative! (cheap and easy nano FPV fun quad)

Eachine H8 Mini
Transmitter Camera Combo
Eachine H8 3D Battery

Check out Albert Kim's channel, I found out about the H8mini in his video!

Modifications (RCGroups)
Acro firmware, remote control over Taranis? what's the range of stock tiny radio?
Taranis Module (32€ Goebish)

good videos (some mods, firmware hack for acro mode)
Sick! high alt flying the H8:

Mittwoch, 3. August 2016

FPV Guests and DIVE FAIL, commented Miniquad chasing

Friends from Denmark made a stop in my region to meet for some FPV flying. They are so nice - and danish "flødebolle" are very tasty, that's what I can say now!
Lars is racing member from danish team "Get out" (apparently they had to leave a lot of places, parking lots they wanted to fly...).

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

Xiaomi Yi 2 Review - watch this before you buy a gopro 4!!!

-> buy here: Cam info/shop

Really a decent cam! Sorry that I couldnt compare it directly to a gopro4 black. Maybe I can do this in a next video later. But it's better than every single actioncam I've tested so far.
I also will make a slowmo videoclip - since this is the first cam I have that can deliver 720p240 (8-10times slowdown).
I will probbably not fly the vortex with it a lot since low and fast in 4k is too much for youtube's codec... (it looks perfect on the raw footage though!).
Sample clips: 
RAW high flying 
RAW Low and Fast over field (hard for codec)
sharpness comparison chart

►Pro's and con's:
+ batterylife!
+ touchscreen: intuitive UI
+ image quality: stunning in 4k, timelapse mode works great, I guess 2hrs with full battery are in range
+ slow motion (1280x720@240fps) looks decent - quite sharp and gives really smooth motion
+ tripod mount integrated directly

+- pricetag (bad if you compare it to other chinese cams, not if you compare to gopro :)
+- gyro stabilizer: doesnt work nice in all conditions, reduces quality of course,...

- form factor: not gopro sized, own dimensions, only their waterproof housing will fit
- touchscreen: not easy to read in sunlight - and then setting the options is hard...

Ambarella A9SE75 DSP (this is more advanced than what Gopro4 black has, and it is way more efficient - the cam doesnt overheat, battery lasts longer...)
Sony IMX377 12MP 1/2.3" Sensor
Lens F2.8 aperture / 155° wide-angle lens, 7G, f=2.68mm
LCD Screen 2.19", 640*360 resolution touch screen, 330PPI, 250cd/m2 brightness, 30FPS, 160° FOV, 16:9
Weight: 88gr   Size: 65 x 42 x 21 mm
(but not compatible with Gopro cases since it's a bit wider!)

4K 30,25 Ultra Wide 3840x2160
2.5K 30,25 Ultra Wide 2560x1920
1440P 60,50,30,25 Ultra Wide 1920x1440
1080P 120,100,60,50,30,25 Ultra Wide 1920x1080
960P 120,100,60,50 Ultra Wide 1280x960
720P 240,200 Ultra Wide 1280x720
480P 240,200 Ultra Wide 848X480